Academy Policies

 Academy Policies:

  1. Guests and Visitors:Individuals interested in observing a class with the intention of becoming part of the academy may do so with prior authorization.  Additionally, adults without a connection to children or those not accompanying their own kids are not permitted to attend children’s classes. All attendees must remain silent, and small children should be supervised by their responsible adult.
  2. Membership Holds:Membership holds are not encouraged but will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Members on hold are required to pay a fee of $50 per billing cycle and will receive an email notification one month in advance. Members can put their membership on hold two (2) times per calendar year.When your membership is on hold, you cannot train, reserve, or attend any classes. At the end of the one-month hold period, the membership will automatically reactivate, and regular membership payments will resume.
  3. Chargeback Prevention Policy:The customer acknowledges and agrees that should they initiate a chargeback or merchant dispute with their issuing bank for services received, the business will make efforts to provide documentation to substantiate that the customer did receive all the products or services. Furthermore, the business reserves the right to issue an invoice to the customer for any and all products or services previously sold and delivered. The customer commits to settling the invoice in full in the event of a chargeback dispute. Failure to make appropriate payment will prompt the business to pursue all available legal and equitable remedies as permitted by law.
  4. Unpaid Membership Fees or Other Charges After Due Date:                                          Not making the payment may result in the potential cancellation of enrollment. A $25 fee will be imposed for delays. To initiate the cancellation of your subscription, kindly send an email one month before the intended cancellation date.
  5. Health and Safety Guidelines:If you are experiencing symptoms of a cold, the flu, or any other contagious illness, we kindly request that you refrain from participating in our classes. This precaution is in place to protect both yourself and fellow members from the potential spread of illness. Training while sick may elevate the risk of injury and compromise the well-being of other students.
  6. Uniform Policy:It is mandatory for the student to have their own Gi (kimono), belt, and rashguard. It is not permitted to use a kimono (gi) from another academy or affiliation
  7. Liability Agreement:All students (or parents of students under the age of 18) are required to sign a liability waiver before participating in our classes. This waiver acknowledges your awareness of the inherent risks associated with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and your acceptance of these risks. Your participation in our classes is contingent on your understanding and acceptance of these inherent risks. By engaging in our classes, you affirm that you acknowledge and accept the responsibility for these risks. If you are unwilling to accept this responsibility, we regret to inform you that you will not be permitted to join our classes.