We recommend making the payment online in advance to expedite the process on the day of your class. You can make the payment using the link below.  Arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to prepare for your class.

1 Class $50 

1 week $130

1 month $300


Wearing gis or attire from other affiliations and academies is strictly prohibited. 

Payment must be made PRIOR to the class. 

Visitors with a Visitor Pass or those opting for a Drop-in session will be considered visitors and not official members.Drop-in attendance does not grant membership; instead, students are regarded as visitors. To showcase a higher level of commitment towards learning jiu-jitsu and progressing in belt ranks, it is essential to enroll as a member in our regular BJJ program. We are a jiu-jitsu school dedicated to providing quality training and instruction.



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